How to Make Your Garden Look like A Little Piece of Heaven?

No matter how big a house is or how expensive the fittings, it would never be complete without a beautiful and relaxing garden. Even paradise is considered to be a great big garden with colourful flowers, rushing waterfalls and cool refreshing winds that blow among the trees. So if you really want your home to be a small piece of heaven on earth, then the best way would be to let nature take a prominent place in it.

There are many ways to achieving that picture perfect garden you dream of. Whether you live in a high rise apartment, villa or a block of flats, there are no limits to what you can do. All you need is a good imagination, some earthly resources and a green thumb. So go ahead and start planning your garden today.

Green Foliage

A garden cannot be made up without plants, and there is enough and more variety to choose from. As far as foliage is concerned, the more there are, the better the quality of the air they will give your home. The green colour is also soothing to the eyes and calming to the nerves. Larger plants should be kept in big pots if it’s an indoor garden and watered frequently. There are also multi-coloured leafy plants like Croton, if you prefer something different. Make sure there is plenty of space between the plants.

Colourful Flowers

When choosing flowers, there are different types, according to their flowering habits. Some are in bloom all year round while others bear flowers only during certain seasons. Some plants last for years while others are very delicate and need tender loving care. Scented flowers and medicinal herbs are also popular. You can even grow fruits and vegetables if you like, depending on the space available.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets full of flowers give a garden a fairy-tale kind of allure. These plants also need some care and watering. Orchids are exotic and expensive and require extra special care. Nevertheless, hanging baskets give your garden a special touch and appeal.

Classic Furniture

Nobody will turn down an invitation for tea in the garden. There is something so magical about sitting among nature and sipping tea or having a picnic with the sound of nature around you. So get the proper kind of furniture for your garden. There is the rustic type of wooden, the ever popular wicker/cane and the richly curved and ornate white steel. There are many suppliers out there if you are looking for luxury garden furniture that will give a comfortable and charming air to your garden.

Rocky garden pool

If you love mountain climbing, you can have an artesian style water pool in your garden. Use rocks and pebbles to give a genuine effect. A simple low maintenance pond is also very easy to make. What’s more, you can add in fish if you prefer or if you opt for a waterfall, which will give an endless soothing sound of bubbling water into your house. You can place underwater lights among the pond pebbles to illuminate the waterfall during the night.

Birdhouse orchestra

If you are a bird lover, then you can have a simple hanging bird nest and get a couple to make it their home. Another option is to have a large bird cage with branches and leaves inside. The birds will love the garden and so will you, when they wake you up every day with their beautiful bird’s songs.