Tips To Know When Planning a Second Wedding

When you hear the words ‘second wedding’ you think of getting married for the second time. This is the obvious conclusion that one would reach and it is the correct conclusion. Individuals get married against after getting a divorce or even after losing a loved one. But many individuals think that as it is their second time it would not be a difficult process. But that is not entirely true. No matter how many times you get married your wedding day is always important. Therefore it is understandable why one would stress out. They want this day to be perfect. But they would also worry about any etiquettes that they will have to follow.



When you got married for the first time you may have had a traditional wedding. But that does not mean you have to follow the same practice second time around. If you do wish to have a traditional wedding you can go right ahead. But you can also do something different. For instance, you can consider bali wedding venues ubud. If you don’t want to deal with a big wedding you can simply jet off somewhere and elope. But you also have the option of hosting a grand celebration.


In the past, it was held that one should only wear white for their first wedding. Therefore due to this reason when brides wore white second time around they were looked down on. But you no longer have to worry about these rules because they are no longer followed. Therefore if you want to wear white you can wear it. Furthermore, if you want to wear a princess ball gown you can do that as well. However, there is one piece of advice that we can give you. That would be to not wear the same dress again. We understand that some women hate shopping. Therefore due to this reason, they may think it is easier and economical to reuse the dress. However, you should not do that. Make sure to find a dress that makes you feel gorgeous this time around. Furthermore, if you want to wear a dress of a different colour you can do that as well.

Involve Children

If you have children you should definitely involve them in the wedding. It does not matter how old they are. If they are extremely young you can use them as flower girls or ring bearers. If not you can ask them to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

With this guide, you would realize that second weddings can be perfect and magical as well.