5 Fun and Easy Ways of Enjoying the Outdoors

Spending time in the outdoors can really bring about a sense of calm and relaxation from all the problems and hectic lifestyle that you are usually faced with. Ditch the phones and the internet, take along some friends and take a walk around the majestic oceans, forests and nature around you. You will without a doubt feel instantly refreshed and invigorated, almost as if starting your life all over again. Find below some suggestions on how you can spend a great time in the outdoors.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Shell Collecting By the Sea

Shell collecting is an old school way of enjoying the great outdoors without overextending yourself. Some people don’t like surfing or tanning by the beach however, picking up shells by the shore can not only be interesting, it can also be educational. Do it with some friends if you want to take long walks by the beach. You will encounter various types of shells that you can go online and try to identify and even make a collection of your own. It’s a great way of paying close attention to detail and enjoying the beach.


Take up Bird Watching

Bird watching is perfect for those of who have a real love for nature, its animals and enjoy being amongst the wild patiently and for long hours to catch a good glimpse of some exotic animals. Having some binoculars, guidebook and a notebook will help you identify the birds and take notes. Some serious bird watchers spend a lot of time in the wilderness in search of that rate or exotic bird however, you can always use a more casual approach and who knows you might just be lucky enough to witness some rare sights! Bird watching is also a great way to help children develop a love for nature and bond with parents.


As children we definitely would have taken long bike rides in the neighbourhoods. It’s a perfect way to enjoy nature with the cool winds breezing at your face while you pedal on your bike. It is also a great way of keeping fit and healthy.



A night or two under stars, in the wilderness and surrounded by nature is a whole different experience if planned well and done right. Camping is best done with your family and friends as it brings you closer together without any distractions from everyday life such as work or mobile phones. Besides, won’t it be totally fun to build your own campfire and cook your own dinner under the moonlight? It sure will be one of the most memorable days of your life.