4 Main Steps to Consider In Order To Make the Perfect Barbecue

A barbecue is one of the most exciting and most sought after events during a nice breezy summer. With good reason too, it brings out an instant richness of meats and vegetables. Getting the perfect barbecue is a combination of both science and art. Given below are some basic techniques on how to make a great barbecue and what steps you need to take initially to be a more accomplished barbecue.


Maintain Your Grill and Equipment at All Times

It is important to have a routine of cleaning your grill lighting before you start each session. A thorough and heavy clean would be necessary once or twice a year. There is always grease and oils that build up on the grills after heavy use and this can impart certain off putting flavours to your food. Therefore make sure to lightly fist off debris off the top and bottom grates of your grill. In heavier clean ups, using an enzymatic cleaner especially used for grills will help.

Charcoal Grills Will Give the Best Result


While gas grills are convenient and cheap, if you want to be the best barbecuer in town then an old fashioned charcoal grill will definitely up your game. Charcoal grills are far more superior than gas ones for the following reasons. They are much hotter which means that your cooking time is significantly reduced. They also burn wood, which is thought to impart more flavours and aroma on to the food. They allow for smoking too which adds to the flavours. In addition, the primal excitement of cooking on an actual fire and burning wood will never be experienced through the gas grills.

Try to Get Thicker Cuts of Meat


Thicker cuts are better unless they are pork chops or steaks as these will give a more enticing BBQ combo. The outsides of the meat will be crispy while the inside is tender and juicy. This is because when the inside is completely cooked, it would have given the meat enough time to develop a crispy crust on the outside. A general rule of thumb when buying the meat is about 1-2 inches of thickness.

Most people think that BBQ requires complex seasoning techniques. However, if you stick with simple seasonings such as salt and pepper there is no way that you can go wrong. All other seasonings are just incidental. Salt your meats about 40 minutes before grilling so that it absorbs the flavor and not any of the moisture of the meat and lastly sprinkle some pepper right before serving.