Academy of Wildlife Education

The Academy of Wildlife Education is an educational facility that provides

educational opportunities and full curriculum for ages pre-school through

college and beyond. Our work with the public involves education as well

as field work and animal husbandry and training. Our work with students

includes either classes and lab hour or just lab hours (for students who

are taking classes at another facility).Lab hours include hands-on animal

husbandry & behavior and training instruction, real-life experience in public

education, facility management within USDA guidelines, wildlife ambassador

handling, training, and husbandry, marketing, public relations, fundraising

and more.Ron DeArmond, the dean of the Academy, has over 30 years of

experience with Wildlife education, husbandry and training. You can also find

out more about the “parent organization” of the Academy of Wildlife Education by clicking here.


For more information on how you can become a part of our Academy, click here to learn about our next Orientation session!

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