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Wolves in the Midwest back on the Endangered Species List!

On December 19th 2014 a Federal judge ruled to place wolves in the Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment back on the Endangered Species List. This ruling places management of wolves back in the hands of the federal government. It also prevents people from protecting their pets and or livestock from depredation from wolves.

Pella Wildlife Company will continue with field research of wolves in Wisconsin and Iowa. Staff will be conducting winter wolf surveys this winter and wolf pup surveys this summer. A new survey block was created by the Wisconsin DNR on the Iowa / Wisconsin border. Pella Wildlife Company has been given the responsibility to monitor this block in addition to the three blocks Pella Wildlife Company has monitored in the past. Your support will help our non profit wildlife conservation organization continue with efforts to monitor and manage the gray wolf in the Midwest.

Wolf tracks in the middle of the road. This pack has five members with a mated pair leading the   way. Wolf tracking 2015

Wolf tracks in the middle of the road. This pack has five members with a mated pair leading the way. Wolf tracking 2015

 HAVE YOU HEARD: New Drive Through Wildlife Park/Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Pella Wildlife Company

…was established in the Fall of 2006. Ron DeAarmond, the founder and CEO, has held a USDA license for over 25 years. He has also held DNR licenses in Illinois and Iowa. Experienced with mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, Ron has worked with schools, libraries, US Army Corps of Engineers, DNR, County Conservation Board, wildlife education facilities, genetic bank, drive through wildlife parks and zoos. A non-profit organization, Pella Wildlife Company was established to focus on three areas of animal welfare – education, sustainability and conservation.

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Education: Pella Wildlife Company provides S.T.E.M. based wildlife education programs to students PreK through university levels. Wildlife education programs are also provided to city, county, state and federal agencies. As an outreach to the general public, Pella Wildlife Company has opened the Academy of Wildlife Education at Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, IA. Conservation: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the natural reestablishment of wildlife to their historically native habitat and research to ensure stable populations for the future. Pella Wildlife Company works with university students and gives them valuable field experience as they work towards degrees in Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Science and Animal Science to name a few. Sustainability: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the sustainability of wildlife species through biodiversity and a common sense approach to wildlife management based on science. Wildlife rehabilitation will assist in sustainability as people and wildlife interact. The genetic bank will also guarantee species will not go extinct due to habitat loss.

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Business Record 2013

This is absolutely unique, it does make it a fun destination.
– Tom Walsh VP Abbell Associates

We appreciate the efforts that Pella Wildlife is making to extend the value of wildlife education programs in Iowa.
– Kevin Baskins Iowa DNR

Pella Regional Health Care

…this endeavor would be advantageous to the community, schools, wildlife and citizens not only in the Lake Red Rock area; but wildlife throughout the world would benefit by Mr. DeArmond’s commitment to animal welfare. I highly recommend Pella Wildlife…
– Mary Jo Foster, Director of Elder Services

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