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 NEW Fundraising Opportunities

IMG_20150608_102515We now have two new fundraisers going on at The first is to provide FREE educational programs with live wildlife ambassadors to schools around Iowa for which we are trying to raise $25,000. Please click the link provided to donate and share with your friends and family

The second fundraiser is to remodel our truck so that we can take Sven11200776_1472435779735814_4980781242320223614_n the Reindeer to his education programs and provide him with the most practical and comfortable ride there and back! Currently we are looking to add better ventilation/air conditioning and lighting to the back of the truck and more. To help Sven the Reindeer get the remodel of his dreams please click the link provided to donate and please share with your friends and family

Frozen Fever Weekends!

Every Weekend Friday-Sunday we are now hosting photo opportunities with our Wildlife Ambassadors. Meet Sven the reindeer and his friends and dress up as your favorite character from the hit movie Frozen! Visit our Shop to preorder your photo opportunity with Sven the reindeer or Ted the Wolf and more! You must schedule your photo visit using our Contact Us page ahead of time.

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And don’t forget to schedule your Wolf Experience by clicking the image below:

2015-07-04 08.45.19

 PWC Mentioned on USA Today in a story about efforts to save the Monarch Butterfly! Read more here:




Want to learn how to help Monarchs and save this species from extinction? Then come out to Jordan Creek Town Center! PWC now has a STEM based educational kiosk all about Monarchs. You can donate there in many ways to help PWC continue research, conservation and educational efforts to help Monarchs. Open Mall hours Monday-Sunday.

NOW AVAILABLE: The next generation of Monarch butterflies are in! Come out to Jordan Creek Mall to adopt one today.

Adoption kits for both Caterpillars and Chrysalis are available via preorder in our shop (All preorders must be picked up at our kiosk in Jordan Creek Mall)! You can get hands on experience with raising a caterpillar and releasing it into the wild once it turns into a butterfly. By participating in this adoption program you can increase a caterpillars chance of survival. In the wild only 2% of Monarchs make it from egg to butterfly, but by raising them indoors those chances increase to up to 90%!


Monarch Web

 So far we have distributed over 13,520 milkweed seeds and signed up 1,232 individuals and families to help with the Monarch Butterfly Sustainability Program. You can still sign up by going to the Monarch Page.

Now partnering with Monarch Watch and Monarch Flyway to help reestablish milkweed in Iowa. With our roadside survey of I-35 rest areas with the Iowa DOT complete we have found only four milkweed plants from Minnesota to Missouri! You can now PURCHASE your own Milkweed plugs or Monarch Butterfly caterpillars through us by clicking the Monarch image in order to give the arriving Monarchs a place to lay their eggs and to boost the genetic diversity of the species!


Help fund conservation efforts in Iowa! We will have several fundraisers throughout the year to not only help with Monarch Butterfly conservation but all species native to the state of Iowa. Every month for the year 2015 PWC will hold a fundraiser at the Ankeny Pizza Ranch and Des Moines Metro Pizza Huts in store (EVERY location in Iowa if ordered online using the code WILDLIFE). All you have to do to participate is bring in these coupons to your local Pizza Hut each month for their fundraising date and enjoy some delicious food! Its a great way to feed your family AND help protect Iowa wildlife. Below are the coupons for this months fundraisers, click the image to print them.

Pella Wildlife Company - 8.19.15


Pella Wildlife Company Events(click the photo below to be taken to our calendar of events)

Pella Wildlife Company

…was established in the Fall of 2006. Ron DeAarmond, the founder and CEO, has held a USDA license for over 25 years. He has also held DNR licenses in Illinois and Iowa. Experienced with mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, Ron has worked with schools, libraries, US Army Corps of Engineers, DNR, County Conservation Board, wildlife education facilities, genetic bank, drive through wildlife parks and zoos. A non-profit organization, Pella Wildlife Company was established to focus on three areas of animal welfare – education, sustainability and conservation.

——————————— ——————————— ———————————

Education: Pella Wildlife Company provides S.T.E.M. based wildlife education programs to students PreK through university levels. Wildlife education programs are also provided to city, county, state and federal agencies. Conservation: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the natural reestablishment of wildlife to their historically native habitat and research to ensure stable populations for the future. Pella Wildlife Company works with university students and gives them valuable field experience as they work towards degrees in Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Science and Animal Science to name a few. Sustainability: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the sustainability of wildlife species through biodiversity and a common sense approach to wildlife management based on science. Wildlife rehabilitation will assist in sustainability as people and wildlife interact. The genetic bank will also guarantee species will not go extinct due to habitat loss.

View some of our Feedback

Business Record 2013

We appreciate the efforts that Pella Wildlife is making to extend the value of wildlife education programs in Iowa.
– Kevin Baskins Iowa DNR

Pella Regional Health Care

…this endeavor would be advantageous to the community, schools, wildlife and citizens not only in the Lake Red Rock area; but wildlife throughout the world would benefit by Mr. DeArmond’s commitment to animal welfare. I highly recommend Pella Wildlife…
– Mary Jo Foster, Director of Elder Services



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